How well housing components are chosen and what sensor boards are mounted to is a big determining factor in saying how good a camera is. There are many factories in China and Taiwan that manufacturer cameras, but not all are the same. Sure, every manufacturer will supply the correct sensor and boards you order, but they are not all built the same.

Here are some features of our cameras. We will inspect out most popular camera below and point out some key features:

We prefer not to use the traditional Poly / Plexiglass full dome cover. Using a neutral flat glass over the lens delivers the clearest images. The traditional ‘dome’ also tends to refract IR light from the LED’s back onto the lens. This is bad.

We prefer housings that allow adjustment of the vari-focal lens without pulling the camera apart. Makes it easy to set up.

We also prefer metal cases. Nothing really wrong with plastic for certain applications, but metal has a ‘baked on’ finish that looks good and stays that way. It also helps to maintain the structural shape of the camera there-by assisting seals to keep doing their job.

Using metal is good. Plastic is OK… but if you have the choice, metal does not warp and bend in extreme heat after many years of service. Our boards are mounted to a thick metal base plate.

Our seals are actually affixed to the mating surface. This stops ‘pinching’ a seal when putting them together and keeps all water out. The mating surfaces are machined rather than just cast finished.

Our lenses always are ‘one up’ on whatever the MP rating is of the camera. They just cover the sensor better.

Here is the IR LEDs. There is a total seal and no way stray IR light can make its way back to the sensor/board. This is bad.

We prefer single board cameras. Twin and triple boards are now getting to be an older technology. They also have more patch cables that can give problems with small amounts of oxidation over time.

Note also, all of the components are in line and perfectly ‘square’. No big deal from an electronics and connectivity point of view… but it is an indication of a manufacturers pride and overall construction consideration. It is not hard to do… so you may as well do it!