0-1km wireless camera station 12/240v



Unit consists of:

IP66 ABS enclosure with 4 –  8MP bullet or dome camera with 6mm or 2.8-12mm lens

2 x Ubiquiti NanoStation LOCOM2 or Ubiquiti NanoStation LOCOM5

Power supplies

All holes pre-drilled

Pre-Programmed to your network

Good for WIFI/wireless CCTV up to 1km

1.8m power lead for plug into 240v


With the above WIFI camera set-up,  you will require a dedicated receiver as well as the transmitter for your cameras at your router/NVR. This is included in price. Mounts also included for Receiver end.
We make and supply custom wireless WIFI cameras that actually WORK and do not suffer from drop-outs or any interference what-so-ever. They are available supplied ‘ready to go’ with your network setting if you provide them to us.